The birth of Jack & Master…(the craziest day of my life)


They say creativity is born out of peace and solititude..Well I beg to differ and trust me my Eureka moment happened on the craziest day of my life..

Ya right..the craziest day of my life..I remember it as if it was yesterday..I was in my final year Engineering at I.E.T Lucknow..The placement season was round the corner and the students looked as if they were on a mission to save Mother Earth.

The stuff doing the rounds amongst students was ‘Diff between C and C++, Java and operators, tell me something about yourself, what is your weakness, why TCS blah blah..’ Also what scared the bejesus out of me was the desperation amongst students to get that 1 coveted job.. Many were chanting religious hymns whereas others were watching Shiv Khera’s ‘You can WIN’… I, for one had some other ideas.. I was supposed to speak at a Rotary Club Debate the coming weekend.. Also I had to do a voiceover for a play performed by a local theatre troupe and topping it all, I had to meet some deadlines for a TV show at MTV..( I was freelancing for MTV)..Woah!! wasn’t that a cool line-up??

But hang on, here’s where the catch is.. I was thinking I’d do all this within a span of 2-3 days but Ahaaaa, I get a call from MTV that they want to see me in Mumbai ASAP…If that’s not enough, 10 mins later, we’re confirmed that TCS is also coming over the weekend…Now, usually I do multitask quite brilliantly but that day all hell broke loose!!

‘You’re crazy and you’re driving us crazy as well’ said Mom.. And what she said was so right..And then my sis said, “Karan, you’re trying to be a Jack of all trades.. that doesn’t help”

That rang a bell, but not too loudly, to be honest.. Things got worse when there was one of those family gatherings at home..Now you know how those family gatherings in North India are, right? Everyone believes ‘Maine Zindagi Dekhi hai’ and everyone while giving an opinion suddenly starts speaking exclusively in English… ‘Karan you are trying to be Jack of all, Master of none’ Woah, they all got their intellectual brownies when they came up with this English jargon.. As far as I’m concerned, that was the second or the third of the 19 times, I heard that jargon from some friend, teacher or family member over the next 2 days..

Nevertheless, the multi-tasker that I am, I somehow fixed up Mumbai for a day after the TCS interview which meant I had to catch my train the evening of my TCS interview.

The theatre play had to happen in the morning and I was keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that my call for the TCS interview would come between 11 :30 (time my play got over) and 7:30 pm( time for my train to Mumbai)..Now isn’t that a cool lineup!! But just when everything seemed in place, I get a call backstage from one of my friends that this time an aptitude test is going to happen before the interview and its going to start right away.. (It had completely slipped out of my mind)I literally stood frozen there backstage, waiting for my cue and I had to be on stage in 5…4…3….2…1..Boom..I was on stage and all I could think of was what conveyance is going to get me to my college fast..I fumbled for a sec, but somehow I finished my monologue and had a quick word with my director backstage..The creative jackhammer that he was, he improvised and got my remaining part obliterated. Huffing and puffing, I rushed out to the college as if my life depended on it, It was during this crazy journey that I made myself another crazy promise that I’m going to write about this some day..

I somehow reached college, though I was late by 15 mins.. I regrouped somehow and thank God, I just about cleared the test for the interview.. Phew..heaving a sigh of relief, I checked up and realized that the play also went well..Some of my friends were pretty mad at me for taking up so many things..but then that’s how I’ve been..I just can’t say ‘NO’ to an opportunity…But..but..but disaster was round the corner, the snail’s pace at which the interviews were happening, I wasn’t likely to get my chance till 7 PM..Gosh, I would miss my train..Interview after interview, it seemed my chances of making it in time were done…but then I wasn’t gonna give up that easily..Years of theatre and drama had to come in handy some day..I went to my Training and Placement Officer and told him that I can get Adobe to your campus for placements..His eyes lit up and so did the students’, who I made sure, over heard me.. I said, “Ya..I can, but the only thing is, I’ve got to meet the guy at Adobe today evening or else he’s going to Mumbai for some time”..

Woohoo..Well, then what.. You had all students, placement officers working around the scheduled lists just to ensure I’m through with my interview 1st The interview did happen..I did clear it (didn’t join though)..I travelled to Mumbai as well..PHEW, I PULLED IT OFF, I thought.. but just when the day was about to end, as I was sitting in my train berth, I suddenly realized that GOD DAMMIT! I just missed the Rotary English Debate…Craaap!! I’d won that last year and amidst all this, I just forgot I had to be there!! A minute or two of disappointment, but then I just smiled and thought to myself.. ‘Pheww..You did well..Come On, you can’t wear so many hats and think of being a Master…You’re a Jack probably’…

Well the next thing I remember, I penned down some random thoughts on a register, I generally carry when I’m travelling..And the 1st page were ‘Jack or Master’..Very soon it transformed into ‘Jack & Master’!!

So there at the back of the most chaotic day of my life, in that forgotten corner of the train berth, I penned down my 1st thoughts on ‘Jack & Master’…

I’ll always cherish that day for two reasons 1.) It’s the day when ‘Jack & Master’ was born for me and 2.) I realized, I’m quite a fighter!!

P.S : By the way, I also managed to get Adobe to my campus 😉 How?? Is another story…..

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