Happy B’day Mom & Dad!!


Somewhere in the dust and heat outside or the cosy confines of our rooms, offices , classrooms wherever we are sitting right now, we know for sure that no matter how tough the going gets, no matter what shit we end up doing, we have someone behind us who’ll be there unconditionally. That someone is… our Parents!!

In my case, on a lighter note, I’m privileged and blessed to know that not only are they standing rock solid behind me but also if need be they’ll stare off the devil or barter with God himself 

As little kids we all grow up respecting and revering our parents, however in some corner we also very silently cast doubts on how they could’ve done things differently etc etc…However it is only at the stroke of adulthood, when we ourselves grapple with a lot of pressing realities, that we start sinking in their efforts.

I still wonder how middle class Indian parents in the pre-liberalised 80’s and 90’s managed to look after their own parents, run the house, bring up kids to the best of their ability and also manage some valuable savings which would strengthen the family in the long run. Not just that, they would always pull that off with a smile.

It is not easy to start off with limited means and pull together a family, sacrificing little things for the kids. I doubt any of us have such a sacrificing or compromising instinct left and I doubt we even hold a candle in front of our parents in this regard.

Yes they didn’t have the FBs and Whats Apps to vent out their feelings or give their opinions on global warming and world poverty, but still they were a lot saner and probably more satisfied despite limited means. Amidst all the flux and changing times, I guess the biggest challenge for them was to always ensure that their child’s growth was also dynamic and he/she had the right exposure in sync with the times.

In this regard, I’ve been privileged to have parents who’ve always pushed the envelope for me.

They were the ones who told that little kid in class 1, to go and recite the ‘Ant and Grasshopper’ poem on stage in front of the audience. They were the ones who told me ‘It’s Ok to make some mistakes on stage but you have to show up’…Hell they were the ones who told that kid, ‘Write your own essays, even if you get lesser marks.. Do it on your own’

Well, today that kid is not just writing essays, he’s written a National Best Seller and surely he isn’t reciting ‘Ant and Grasshopper’ anymore, he’s giving talks on Leadership and Entrepreneurship 

And today on the eve of their birthday ( Yes both Mom and Dad have their birthday on the same day  ) all I can say is, all the good things that happen in my life are because of you and if ever I goof-up in life, it’s because of my judgmental error ;)

Happy birthday :) and God bless!!

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